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    John had made an agreement with one of the housekeeping staff he had befriended on his latest business trip. He had gifted her an extra $100 to clean his room quickly after an all night party as he had some guests that were supposed to be there. However, when he comes back from breakfast, the room is still unmade and he hurredly cancels the…
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    We have had a little hiatus from spanking, as we have been home catching up with family, gardening, laundry, and the other sundry everyday events.

    Today was dentist, hair cut, car repair, and then spanking.

    Cindy had a reason to give me the spanking, as I sometimes rush, and try to have her cross the street in the middle when there is a large gap in…
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    Please welcome Opal Skies to Triple A Spanking in her first cosplay spanking film. It's Halloween and she has been out trick or treating in a provocative French maid's uniform. The neighbors have been complaining about her slutty attire and her stepfather has received numerous texts and calls about her inappropriate behavior. He's waiting for her…
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    One of the most effective paddles ever produced.
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    Any woman prepared to use it on you will give a very effective spanking, no matter what her age might be
    So subtly placed to bring fright to your mind
    and when it is being held, your future is pre-ordained

    bottoms up
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    Italian 24 year old stewardess Muriel was summoned to the head office to discuss the fact that a few passengers wrote a complaint that she was using her mobile on a flight instead of taking care of the passengers. She was soundly scolded and ended up bending over the desk getting her tight bottom soundly strapped followed by sobbing in the corner…
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    Kneeling on a low bench, bottom in the air, stunning Helen Stephens grits her teeth as Earl Grey uses a leather tawse on her bottom, protected only by skintight leggings. Not happy with her attitude, he orders her to lie flat on his desk, bottom bare for more lashes with his strap. But she can’t control her mouth, earning extras from Firm Hand