Von Hausmädchen,

We were having an overnight guest, so I suggested a short spanking before the guest arrived, to remind me of excellent behavior, and no dumb jokes, that are sometimes deemed demeaning...

Cindy decided on using one of Ronnie's canes

Cindy had me bend over at the waist, hands on the bed... make certain your abs are engaged, and then gave about twelve quick swooshing strokes, mostly simply bringing  the arm back a little, and the hand back and through.. i thought she was finished, but as I started to stand up, she stated. I AM NOT FINISHED.

What followed were about twenty quick hard strokes

I was then permitted to stand up, and immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.
When looking in the mirror, there were many fine red lines, but not bright red. WOW!!! I felt them all, and my bottom was sore. I wondered what it would be like with long hard strokes, and AM NOT eager to suggest this. 

We used the slightly more firmer and thicker cane, as the thinner more whippy cane is even more effective.

The visit was a great success. The spanking helped.

Some days, this is how you feel when you are doing your banking..

bottoms up
  • Christian -

    "Some days, this is how you feel when you are doing your banking."
    Wie wahr! :(