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It is actually quite unbelievable how common spanking existed in the comic books of our youth. Here are some more examples

A lovely way to solve a problem.  Added delight is that one person has to wait for their spanking.

plus, one had the added thought that the woman so very much appreciated being spanked
how about a woman being spanked by a man in an authority position
Being spanked by Supergirl! WOW! Maybe we would have loved the experience!
Lois gets spanked by a Superman Robot
and, this is even more enjoyable when you realize why

Seeing this on the newsstand would have you gazing over every magazine cover to see similar
and lastly, at that time, maybe being spanked was beneficial, but, now, better methods exist to raise children than fear and pain.

I guess it all simply means that parents MUST BE PARENTS. They need to set reasonable standards, and follow-up when that the standards are not met. It has been the same throughout history, and parents of today have it no harder nor no easier than parents of previous generations.

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