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Vacations are amazing, but little things can be stressful! We have had a delightful rental house for a week, but it had crappy internet, that then died! It could not be fixed, until the owner returns.

Cindy wants internet, thus the stress! Nothing I could do, as the cable/internet box was working for tv, but not internet.

The realtor tried to remedy the problem, but no success.

Stress causes me to have a shortness of breath, which built over a couple of days.

A strong spanking helped solve my problem, and let Cindy release her anxiety. ( bath brush, short tawse, and teacher cane) Making love after was fabulous!

We talked about spanking, and how much I appreciated Cindy spanking me. Cindy realizes it solves my stress, and that it solves any misbehaving on my part. ( it also works for Cindy to be spanked when she misbehaves.)

Another strong spanking the next day and all was well. ( I requested this to completely end my stress)

Two days later another spanking was needed, and solved all little trivial issues.

All is well, and we now have internet in our new hotel.

Bottoms up
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