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We have had a little hiatus from spanking, as we have been home catching up with family, gardening, laundry, and the other sundry everyday events.

Today was dentist, hair cut, car repair, and then spanking.

Cindy had a reason to give me the spanking, as I sometimes rush, and try to have her cross the street in the middle when there is a large gap in the traffic. This time, she tripped on the edge of the sidewalk, and hurt her ankle. (photo was not the position, but it was the redness)
Cindy sat in the middle of the bed, with her back against the backboard. Bare bottomed over her knees,  the short tawse was frightful. Cindy used it with conviction, from the top of my legs to the top of my bottom. I was bouncing and owwing almost immediately. She spanked in fits of energy, with maybe 10 to fifteen spanks nonstop. My owws were ARGS before each set stopped. A pause, with or without lecture, and then another set. I have no idea how many sets, but my bottom was on fire, and Cindy was quite pleased with herself when she finally stopped. The short tawse had delved between the cheeks, and everywhere for what seemed like forever.
(not me, but certainly how I was reacting to the tawse)
However, the spanking was not over, as it was now time for me to be propped over two pillows for a significant dose of the cane. Each stroke elicited a owww, but none of the ARGSSSS from the tawse.

When Cindy was happy and finished with my spanking, she permitted me to rise, and check her handiwork on my bottom. I thanked her for the spanking, and in looking in the mirror found my bottom red everywhere, but also much higher than ever before. The advantage of a leather implement is that it will not harm bone, so can spank much higher on the bottom than any wood implement.


We then cuddled, and made love, both having a fantastic orgasm.

.The tawse was purchased from Can-iac, and I recommend you purchase the short one.

bottoms up


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